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Wagon Master

An extra add-om to the Master Chassis

The Wagon Master in Use on a Master Chassis

The Wagon Master although a catchy name does little to explain its full potential. It was designed as an add-on to the Master Chassis for use where the wheels cannot normally be removed from the axles.

  • 4 wheel wagons with or without compensation
  • 6 wheel wagons or (NPCS) with or without Cleminson
  • 4 wheel coach bogies
  • 6 wheel coach bogies again with or without compensation
  • Diesel or electric bogies.

Either 2 or 3 Wagon Master units will be required depending on the size of wagon, coach or bogie (the number of axles).

It works by clamping the axle in a precision hollow in a known position parrallel in all 3 axis to its fellow axle. From this clamped position the wagon/coach/bogie can built around the axles, not only holding everything square but also as a fixture to hold the wagon while you build it, inculding its body, roof, details, etc.The only parts not being fitted is the brake gear. The axles can finally be released from the underneath of the jig.

Available in:-

  • 4mm version suitable for 2mm & 1/8" axles
  • 7mm version suitable for 1/8" & 3/16" axles





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