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Resin Casting Materials


Low viscosity fast setting Resin casting compound. 2 part very thin which allows the bubbles to escape very easily, yet sets in about 2 mins and de-moldable in 5 mins. See our Links Page for more details.
Price: 17.50

Rubber Mold Material


High Performance Room Temp Vulcanizing (RTV) Rubber mold making compound. This 2 Part material takes on very fine detail without air bubbles. 24 hour setting time with wall thickness upto 10mm +. See our Links page for more details
Price: 16.50

Rubber Mold Material 500gr
Price: 32.00



2 equal part silicone rubber putty used for making a rubber mould. This mould can then be used with our resin casting material to make a quantity of the same part.
Price: 14.95


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