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Metal Square bar/rod Solid mainly Metric.

Sq Bar

Solid Sq Bar

Some of the coils come from various sources, I cannot confirm whether they are bare, and would reccomend cleaning with a fibre glass brush before soldering. Straight rods are bare but still may need cleaning to remove any tarnish.

Imperial Sq rod/bar is becoming harder to get hold of

Copper is softer than brass but both solder perfectly

Square Size Material Stock code 305mm Lg Straight Stock code 1000mm Lg Straight Stock available in coil form Notes    
0.50mm NS A1 ZA1        
0.64mm Copper     10 Metre      
0.8mm(1/32") Brass A2          
0.8mm Brass     6 Metre      
0.8mm Copper     6 Metre      
1.0mm Brass A3 ZA3        
1.2mm(3/64") Brass A4          
1.5mm Brass A5 ZA5        
1.6mm(1/16") Brass A6          
1.98mm(5/64") Brass A7          
2.0mm Brass A8 ZA8        
2.4mm(2/32") Brass A9          
2.5mm Brass A10 ZA10        
2.78mm(7/64") Brass A11          
3.0mm Brass A12 ZA12        
3.2mm(1/8") Brass A13          
3.5mm Brass A14 ZA14        
3.96mm(5/32" Brass A15          
4.0mm Brass A16 ZA16        
3/16"(4.7mm) Brass A17          
5.0mm Brass A18 ZA18        
6.0mm Brass A19 ZA19        



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