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Plastic Flats

This list is Metric but some are Imperial converted into Metric. They are in Thickness order first then in width size.

All are white polystyrene unless stated otherwise.

To Buy any size please click on the "Stock Code" in red it will take you to the paticular iten where you can select a quantity and add to basket.

Where listed 1000mm (1M) are only available to special order - please e-mail me.

Postage for all sizes 250mm, 330mm and 355mm lg, pending qty and weight, is large letter. 1 Metre lengths are shipped by courier at greater cost. Please e-mail for quote

Thickness Width

250mm Lg Stock code 1 off

330mm Lg Stock code 1 off 355mm Lg Stock Code 1 off

355mm Lg Stock Code Pack Qty

1000mm Lg Stock Code 1 off Notes
0.25mm 0.3mm S11 pack          
0.25mm 0.5mm     XEG100 EG100    
0.25mm 0.75mm     XEG101 EG101    
0.25mm 1.0mm     XEG102 EG102    
0.25mm 1.5mm     XEG103 EG103    
0.25mm 2.0mm     XEG104 EG104    
0.25mm 2.5mm     XEG105 EG105    
0.25mm 3.2mm     XEG106 EG106    
0.25mm 4.0mm     XEG107 EG107    
0.25mm 4.8mm     XEG108 EG108    
0.25mm 6.3mm     XEG109 EG109    
0.38mm 0.5mm     XEG110 EG110    
0.38mm 0.75mm     XEG111 EG111    
0.38mm 1.0mm     XEG112 EG112    
0.38mm 1.5mm     XEG113 EG113    
0.38mm 2.0mm     XEG114 EG114    
0.38mm 2.5mm     XEG115 EG115    
0.38mm 3.2mm     XEG116 EG116    
0.38mm 4.0mm     XEG117 EG117    
0.38mm 4.8mm     XEG118 EG118    
0.38mm 6.3mm     XEG119 EG119    
0.5mm 0.5mm     S12 EG120    
0.5mm 0.75mm     XEG121 EG121    
0.5mm 1.0mm     XEG122 EG122    
0.5mm 1.5mm     XEG123 EG123    
0.5mm 2.0mm   J49 XEG124 EG124 ZJ49  
0.5mm 2.5mm   J50 XEG125 EG125 ZJ50  
0.5mm 3.0mm   J51     ZJ51  
0.5mm 3.2mm     XEG126 EG126    
0.5mm 3.5mm   J52     ZJ52  
0.5mm 4.0mm   J53 XEG127 EG127 ZJ53  
0.5mm 4.8mm     XEG128 EG128    
0.5mm 6.3mm     XEG129 EG129    
0.75mm 0.75mm     S13 EG131    
0.75mm 1.0mm     XEG132 EG132    
0.75mm 1.5mm     XEG133 EG133    
0.75mm 2.0mm     XEG134 EG134    
0.75mm 2.5mm     XEG135 EG135    
0.75mm 3.2mm     XEG136 EG136    
0.75mm 4.0mm     XEG137 EG137    
0.75mm 4.8mm     XEG138 EG138    
0.75mm 6.3mm     XEG139 EG139    
1.0mm 1.0mm   J39 S14 EG142 ZJ39  
1.0mm 1.5mm   J54 XEG143 EG143 ZJ54  
1.0mm 2.0mm   I31 XEG144 EG144 ZI31  
1.0mm 2.5mm   I32 XEG145 EG145 ZI32  
1.0mm 3.0mm   I33     ZI33  
1.0mm 3.2mm     XEG146 EG146    
1.0mm 3.5mm   I34     ZI34  
1.0mm 4.0mm   I35 XEG147 EG147 ZI25  
1.0mm 4.5mm   I36     ZI36  
1.0mm 4.8mm     XEG148 EG148    
1.0mm 5.0mm   I37     ZI37  
1.0mm 6.3mm     XEG149 EG149    
1.5mm 1.5mm   J40 S15 EG153 ZJ40  
1.5mm 2.0mm   I38 XEG154 EG154 ZI38  
1.5mm 2.5mm   I39 XEG155 EG155 ZI39  
1.5mm 3.0mm   I40     ZI40  
1.5mm 3.2mm     XEG156 EG156    
1.5mm 3.5mm   I41     ZI41  
1.5mm 4.0mm   I42 XEG157 EG157 ZI42  
1.5mm 4.5mm   I43     ZI43  
1.5mm 4.8mm     XEG158 EG158    
1.5mm 5.0mm   I44     ZI44  
1.5mm 6.0mm   I45     ZI45  
1.5mm 6.3mm     XEG159 EG159    
1.5mm 7.0mm   I46     ZI46  
1.5mm 8.0mm   I47     ZI47  
2.0mm 2.0mm   J41 S16 EG164 ZJ41  
2.0mm 2.5mm   I48 XEG165 EG165 ZI48  
2.0mm 3.0mm   I49     ZI49  
2.0mm 3.2mm     XEG166 EG166    
2.0mm 3.5mm   I50     ZI50  
2.0mm 4.0mm   I51 XEG167 EG167 ZI51  
2.0mm 4.5mm   I52     ZI52  
2.0mm 4.8mm     XEG168 EG168    
2.0mm 5.0mm   I53     ZI53  
2.0mm 6.0mm   I54     ZI54  
2.0mm 6.3mm     XEG169 EG169    
2.0mm 7.0mm   H31     ZH31  
2.0mm 8.0mm   H32     ZH32  
2.0mm 9.0mm   H33     ZH33  
2.0mm 10mm   H34     ZH34  
2.5mm 2.5mm   J42 S17 EG175 ZJ42  
2.5mm 3.2mm     XEG176 EG176    
2.5mm 4.0mm     XEG177 EG177    
2.5mm 4.8mm     XEG178 EG178    
2.5mm 6.3mm     XEG179 EG179    
3.0mm 3.0mm   J43     ZJ43  
3.2mm 3.2mm PLAMS125   S18 EG186    
3.2mm 4.0mm     XEG187 EG187    
3.2mm 4.8mm     XEG188 EG188    
3.2mm 6.3mm     XEG189 EG189    
3.5mm 3.5mm   J44     ZJ44  
4.0mm 4.0mm S19 J45     ZJ45  
4.0mm 4.8mm PLAMS1619          
4.5mm 4.5mm   J46     ZJ46  
4.8mm 4.8mm     S20 EG196    
4.8mm 6.4mm PLAMS1925          
5.0mm 5.0mm   J47     ZJ47  
6.0mm 6.0mm   J48     ZJ48  
6.3mm 6.3mm     T20 EG199    

Useful Conversions

0.25mm 10 thou 0.010"  
0.38mm 15 thou 0.015"  
0.5mm 20 thou 0.020"  
0.75mm 30 thou 0.030"  
1.0mm 40 thou 0.040  
1.5mm 60 thou 0.060"  
2.0mm 80 thou 0.080"  
2.5mm 100 thou 0.100"  
3.2mm 125 thou 0.125 1/8"
4.0mm 160 thou 0.160 5/64"
4.8mm 188 thou 0.188" 3/16"
6.3mm 250 thou 0.250" 1/4"











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