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Channel - Shallow or C section

All the channel or "U", "C" shape in this list is wider than deep. True "U" section where the depth is the same as the width click here.

Both Metric and Imperial in width size order are here. The manufacturer of the metric sizes quote a wall thickness of approx 10% of overall size, but the internal sides are slightly tapered like the real thing. The Imperial sizes are not quoted.

Please note the Imperial sizes are getting increasingly difficult to get hold of.

To Buy any size please click on the "Stock Code" it will take you to the paticular iten where you select a quantity and add to basket

Postage for all sizes 305mm lg, pending qty and weight, is large letter. 1 Metre or Yard lengths are shipped by courier

Width Outside Depth Outside Material 305mm Lg Stock code 1000mm Lg Stock Code 36 inch (1Yrd) Lg
1.0mm 0.5mm Brass P1 ZP1  
1.5mm 0.75mm Brass P2 ZP2  
1.5mm 1.0mm Brass P3 ZP3  
1/16" 1/32" Brass P4    
2.0mm 1.0mm Brass P5 ZP5  
2.0mm 1.5mm Brass P6 ZP6  
3/32" 3/64" Brass P7   ZP7
2.5mm 1.0mm Brass P8 ZP8  
2.5mm 1.5mm Brass P9 ZP9  
2.5mm 2.0mm Brass P10 ZP10  
3.0mm 1.0mm Brass Q1 ZQ1  
3.0mm 1.5mm Brass Q2 ZQ2  
3.0mm 2.0mm Brass Q3 ZQ3  
1/8" 1/6" Brass Q4   ZQ4
3.5mm 1.0mm Brass Q5 ZQ5  
3.5mm 1.5mm Brass Q6 ZQ6  
3.5mm 2.0mm Brass Q7 ZQ7  
4.0mm 1.5mm Brass Q8 ZQ8  
4.0mm 2.0mm Brass Q9 ZQ9  
4.0mm 3.0mm Brass Q10 ZQ10  
3/16" 1/16" Brass R1    
3/16" 3/32" Brass R2    
5.0mm 1.5mm Brass R3 ZR3  
5.0mm 2.0mm Brass R4 ZR4  
5.0mm 3.0mm Brass R5 ZR5  
6.0mm 1.5mm Brass R6 ZR6  
6.0mm 2.0mm Brass R7 ZR7  
6.0mm 3.0mm Brass R8 ZR8  



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