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Micro Metric tubing with very thin wall

This tubing is Metric and has a wall thickness of 0.1mm and hence will telescope inside alternate sizes. All tubes within this range has a accurate outside diameter (OD) but the inside actual size is designed to fit over the next size specified with a good fit. But in essence are a little bit larger than quoted.

These tubes will fit inside or over other tubes I stock but not listed here, you would need to check first. All are approx 305mm Lg ( 1 Ft) 1 Metre lengths may be available to order.

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Outside Dia Intside Dia Brass 305mm Lg

Nickel Silver 305mm Lg

Fits inside Also Fits inside Also fits inside
0.3mm 0.1mm K1 K61 K3/K63    
0.4mm 0.2mm K2 K62 K4/K64    
0.5mm 0.3mm K3 K63 K5/K65 D1 N1
0.6mm 0.4mm K4 K64 K6/K66    
0.7mm 0.5mm K5 K65 K7/K67    
0.8mm 0.6mm K6 K66 K8/K68    
0.9mm 0.7mm K7 K67 K9    
1.0mm 0.8mm K8 K68 K10 D2 N2
1.1mm 0.9mm K9   K11    
1.2mm 1.0mm K10   K12    
1.3mm 1.1mm K11   K13    
1.4mm 1.2mm K12   K14    
1.5mm 1.3mm K13   K15 D3  
1.6mm 1.4mm K14   K16    
1.7mm 1.5mm K15   K17    
1.8mm 1.6mm K16   K18    
1.9mm 1.7mm K17        
2.0mm 1.8mm K18     D4 N3

We also have wires that will fit almost every tube in this list please ask if you need help



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